TELUS Rate Plans & Add-ons

Business Roaming: US

TELUS Business Easy Roam U.S.

$9 for 24 hours

What you get:

Only available on Easy Share rate plans, Easy Roam lets you use your Canadian rate plan while travelling in the U.S. and 100+ international destinations - now and on all future trips.
Once youve added Roam Ready, it will activate when a first call is made or data is used from within the U.S, with charges then applied to your account.

How it works:
  • Fee only applies when you make or answer a call, send a text or use data. Valid for 24 hours.
  • Only calls to numbers in Canada or your current destination are included.
  • Outgoing texts to any phone number in the world are included.
  • All incoming texts are free while in an Easy Roam destination.
$9 per day in U.S. (includes Puerto Rico, USA, Virgin Islands)

US Roaming Passes for Business

$100/$75/$50 for 30 days

Manage your roaming costs with 30 Day US Combo Passes
  • US Roaming Pass - Talk, Text & Data $100: Unlimited minutes and and 1.5 GB
  • US Roaming Pass - Talk, Text & Data $75: Unlimited minutes and 750 MB
  • US Roaming Pass - Talk & Text $50: Unlimited minutes
All passes include free unlimited text messages.
Includes US (including Alaska & Hawaii), Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.
Overage: 50 per minute, 50 per text and 50 per 50 MB of data.

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