Who Are We?

         Good Day Present & Future Clients.

It is my pleasure to invite and thank all clients who have chosen Sky Wireless Communications as their partner of choice for their entire communications needs. We truly appreciate your business and never take it for granted.  Having the good fortune of gaining the trust of companies across North America, we realize more and more each day why companies rely on our team. We are committed to your success, and are self- mandated to assist you to attain your organizational goals. With our extensive R&D and disciplined approach, we have clearly proven to be an asset to any organization regardless of its size and needs. 

At Sky Wireless, we pride ourselves on our motto "Customers Are Why We Exist. This motto is what gives us a vested interest in your companys success. We trust that the Service & Support you receive has met or surpassed your expectations.  We care about your business and will do whatever it takes to gain and keep you as our client. Having this motto has earned our right to qualify as a TELUS GOLD Partner, part of their exclusive Business Excellence Program.

In this competitive industry, technology is continually advancing, and new products come to market very frequently. Our promise is to deliver solutions & ideas on how these products will help your company increase productivity and reduce human error, while focusing on your bottom line and overall return on investment. We do this by continually investing in our back end system to better manage our clients needs by allowing us to document all  incoming calls and activity, being better prepared 
for every call, and secure inventory measures to ensure you get what you need on time.

Sky Wireless continues to improve their products and services, we at Sky Wireless are all very excited on how these applications can help your business increase productivity / revenue, lessen human error and most importantly, increase customer satisfaction. 

Ask us how these products & services can work for your organization.
State of the art billing management tools to monitor usage, cost, ordering reports, etc
iProcurement for enterprise ordering
Customized ordering portal with security level access & approvals
Various fleet & asset management solutions
SMB to Enterprise grade Hosted PBX Soutions delivery via CLEC partners
Mobile tablet solutions
SMB & Corporate mobile strategy deployments

          Sincere Thanks!           
          Steve Spizzirri
President, Sky Wireless Communications.

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